• The Clean Water Act – Federal CWA eff 1972 establishes the basic structure for regulating discharges of pollutants into the waters of the United States and regulating quality standards for surface waters.
  • Keep Columbus Beautiful – supports community wide trash prevention, clean-ups and adopt an area. FACT adopted the S. Nelson Road area along Columbus Academy Park.
  • Lowhead dam removal summary – 2005 existing research on lowhead dam removal projects
  • Ohio Watershed Network local   – list of local watershed organizations, via OSU CFAS
  • Ohio Watershed Network – a statewide information and education network in support of local watershed protection efforts, via OSU Extension CFAS
  • Upper Scioto & Ohio Watershed Resources – from USGS includes temperature, precipitation, graphs, maps, articles
  • Report an Ohio Wildlife Violation  if you witness a poacher in action have knowledge of or suspect a wildlife crime (fishing, hunting, trapping, logging/clearing, etc.), call your local wildlife officer or the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Ohio Wildlife Division TIP line 1-800-POACHER (1-800-762-2437) of fill out on-line form and report it!  TIP pdf.  For more information, contact 1-800-WILDLIFE. (800) 945-3543 wildinfo@dnr.state.oh.us
  • Best Management Practices– erosion controls, spill prevention, in-stream work, clearing and grubbing.
  • Alum Creek State Park – provides a variety of recreational opportunities including swimming, boating, hunting, fishing.
  • Columbus & Franklin County Metro Parks – comprised of 28,000 acres within 20 parks in seven counties featuring many fantastic trails, woodlands and waterway preserves, and free nature programs. Three of the parks are within the Alum Creek Watershed. Check out the calendar of events and maps.
  • Columbus Parks & Recreation – Many Columbus large parks, preserves and recreation centers are located within the Alum Creek watershed, including Cooper, Casto, Strawberry Farms, Woodward, Teaford Preserve, Innis, Nelson, Academy, Wolfe, 3 Creeks.
  • Columbus Metro Bike Map shows bikeways on both roads and paved trails. Created 2016.
  • Central Ohio Greenways  – maps and information about the various multi-use trail system along waterways riparian corridors and interconnecting the Alum Creek, Olentangy, Big Walnut, Scioto, Camp Chase, Darby, Genoa, Westerville, and others.
  • Ohio to Erie Trail –  326 mile biking and walking route between Cincinnati’s Ohio River, Xenia, Columbus, Canton, Cleveland’s Lake Erie. Majority is paved pathways including the northern Alum Creek Greenway Trail.
  • Ohio Department of Transportation – ODOT designated bikeways includes roadway bike routes and maps plus various paved multi-use trails including Alum Creek.
  • Preservation Parks of Delaware County includes several parks, educational and volunteer programs within Alum Creek watershed. 2019 acquired newest preserve restoration areas, along Bale Kenyon Road by I-71 including the Delaware County Bicentennial Barn.
  • Central Ohio Blueways   – maps and information from MORPC on where to safely and legally access the water for paddle sports.
  • Central Ohio Blueways   – access-paddable waterways mapmap (including Alum Creek) and information from MORPC on where to access the waterways safely and legally for paddle sports.

We encourage communities, businesses, schools and residents to provide wildlife habitat, improve soil, water health and landscaping aesthetics and adopt practices to minimize stormwater runoff and erosion runoff pollution.

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Effective – September 2020.