Friends of Alum Creek and Tributaries (FACT) is a local not-for-profit community based volunteer organization within the Columbus, Ohio metro area. It is part of the Franklin County Greenways initiative. FACT provides educational opportunities for learning about Alum Creek river and watershed protection, and volunteer opportunities for stewardship of the Alum Creek lower watershed. Our geographic domain is located between the Alum Creek state park reservoir dam in southern Delaware County and Three Creeks Park in southeast Franklin County.

The mission of Friends of Alum Creek and Tributaries (FACT) is to preserve and protect the quality and beauty of the Alum Creek watershed and promote environmentally responsible recreation, educational opportunities, and citizen participation at many levels.

FACT History

During the preparation of the Greenways Plan for Alum Creek in early 1998, coming right on the heels of the Franklin County Greenways Plan in 1997, local residents were asked if they would be interested in joining the Friends of Alum Creek. From that, a nucleus of about 24 interested people began the organization. Three planning forums were held in early 1998. The first forum, held at the Wolfe ParkShelterhouse on February 19, 1998, attracted approximately 60 residents, local school and environmental groups, and city planners. The second forum, a community planning workshop, was held on Saturday, March 14. Approximately 30 citizens, community leaders and staff participated in the planning workshop. Seven goals were established at the Community Planning Forum held on March 14, 1998, and were named “Vision 2003: A Plan for Alum Creek”.

  1. To increase awareness the Alum Creek and its riparian corridor through education and safety oriented programs and signage.
  2. To improve access to the Alum Creek waterway and trail system
  3. To develop plans, policies and procedures for community-based, nonprofit Alum Creek business development initiatives with profits going to Friends of Alum Creek.
  4. To provide a safe environment.
  5. To protect and enhance the natural greenway along the creek and its tributaries.
  6. To improve the water quality for recreational use, increase and protect wildlife, flora and aquatic diversity for the future.
  7. To develop a linear multi-use trail from Westerville to Three Creeks Park.

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