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  • FACT work to remove low-head dams nears completion                              published Nov. 24, 2008 Bexley News - Suburban News Publications

  • Columbus utility rate hike coming                                                                    published Nov. 15, 2008 Eastside Messenger                                                                                   Columbus Councilmember Andrew Ginther and Columbus Dept Public Utlities Directer Tatanya Arsh cite needed upgrades, rising prices to run treatment plants as reasons for planned hike. Sierra Club & FACT Board members provide public comments during Nov. 11 committee meeting.

  • Help the fish: Don't rake leaves into street                                                   published Nov. 13, 2008 The Columbus Dispatch                                                                                 Foliage that ends up in waterways feeds algae that hog the oxygen.  When the algae die they are decomposed by bacteria which in turn deplete the dissolved oxygen in the water.                       Story includes quotes from FACT's Joe Bonnell.

  • Invasive bushes removed from Jeffrey Park                                                       published Nov. 10, 2008 Eastside Messenger
  • Columbus City Council honors FACT  - Nov. 10 City Council meeting Resolution doc; photo of FACT's Board representatives, Priscilla Tyson &  Joe Bonnell photo
  • Celebrating Conservation Efforts                                                                      Nov. 10, 2008 Columbus City Council - Meeting Highlights  Resolution 0199X-2008,  sponsored by Recreation and Parks Committee Chair Priscilla R. Tyson, recognizes the countless hours FACT members have volunteered to preserve Columbus’ waterways.
  • FACT press release re Nelson Park lowhead dam removal underway           Nov. 10, 2008
  • FACT annual meeting planned                                                                                            published Nov. 5, 2008 Bexley News; and Westerville News & Public Opinion (SNP)
  • Columbus City Councilmember Priscilla Tyson's Corner Newsletter             Oct.  31, 2008 Autumn edition (page 3) recognizes FACT lowhead dam celebration event
  • Corrections (credit to FACT for Oct.  20 Metro section photo story)                       published Oct. 21, 2008 The Columbus Dispatch
  • Letting the creek run free (photo of lowhead dam demolition Wolfe Park-Academy Park) published Oct. 20, 2008 The Columbus Dispatch
  • River restoration is goal of dam removal (lowhead at Wolfe Park-Academy Park)        published Oct. 16, 2008  Bexley News edition - Suburban News Publications
  • EPA stormwater rules are 'failure'
    National Academy of Sciences report urges overhaul to curb pollution
    published Oct. 16, 2008 by The Associated Press
  • Stream corridor ordinance questioned  Various concerns expressed by Reynoldsburg City Council on Oct. 13 over Planning Commission's proposed 25 foot protection buffer.           published October 15, 2008 ThisWeek News
  • FACT Celebrates Removal of Low-head Dam                                                  Oct. 14, 2008  4:30 PM   Televised news broadcast by NBC-WCMH 4 Marcus Thorpe
  • Blacklick Creek gets protection from erosion
    published September 27, 2008 Columbus Messenger-Eastside.

    Reynoldsburg ordinance would prohibit new development alteration of open channels... within a minimum of 25 feet back from each side of the stream bank, though depending on the type of development and stream corridor, it could be a maximum of 250 feet.
  • Pickerington must clean up water                                                        City must reduce amount of particles plant releases into Sycamore Creek.
    published Sept. 27, 2008 The Columbus Messenger

  • F aster fix urged for sewer system - 40 years to clean up rivers 'not typical'    $2.5 billion in upgrades.  OEPA public hearing                                                                                     published Sept. 23, 2008 The Columbus Dispatch

  • U.S. House approves Great Lakes compact The U.S. House has ratified a compact to prevent the diversion of water from the Great Lakes, adding protections for one of the world's largest sources of fresh water.                                                                            published Sept. 23, 2008 by The Associated Press

  • Park Clean Up   (FACT clearing Honeysuckle at Cooper Park,  follow-up photo)           photo published Sept. 18, 2008 This Week News- Northland

  • Ditch? Stream? Name matters.  Proposed Environmental Safeguards               published Sept. 15, 2008 The Columbus Dispatch
  • Wrap-Up the Summer Benefit                                                                                                       
  • Park, Trail work set for Sept. 13                                                                                                 published Sept. 11, 2008 This Week News-Westerville 
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Yr. 2009

  • Developers allowed to build closer to streams The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's plan to protect the streams from runoff pollution from construction sites, roofs and new roads used to call for a 100-foot buffer. Last year, the state cut it to 50 feet.  Now, it's 30.    published Jan. 28, 2009 The Columbus Dispatch

  • Few regulations restrain tons of toxic coal sludge  Environmentalists fear a holding-pond disaster could happen here, too. published Jan. 8, 2009 The Columbus Dispatch

  • Volunteers hope to name streams                                                               Conservationists plan to study and name as many as 20 small streams that feed a scenic stretch of the Olentangy River in Delaware County in hopes that the state will better protect the waterways from development. Friends of the Lower Olentangy River Watershed said the project will start in the spring. published Jan. 7, 2009 The Columbus Dispatch

Yr. 2008

  • Ravine cleaning  Two Columbus neighborhoods' storm sewers being improved by Public Utilities to eliminate sanitary overflows. published Dec. 29, 2008  The Columbus Dispatch.
  • OSU worries removing dam will harm campus City of Columbus plans to hire an engineering company for as much as $540,000 to assess the effects of demolishing 5th Ave lowhead dam on the Olentangy River. published Dec. 15, 2008 The Columbus Dispatch
  • No-name No more. Providing identities for small streams makes them easier to protect, officials say. published Dec. 14, 2008 The Columbus Dispatch
  • Many sewage treatment systems fail inspections

    Health department alarmed by number of clogs, neglect throughout Fairfield county.        Published December 14, 2008 by the The Eagle-Gazette Staff.

  • Ohio EPA pushes Groveport sewer issue

    The Ohio EPA is considering its enforcement options regarding what it describes as "inadequate sewerage treatment systems" along west Groveport Road.                                                 Published December 13, 2008 by Southeast Messenger.

  • http://www.minervapark.org/villager/2008-12.pdf  "Water Pollution Ravages Minerva Park Tributaries - Is it you?" see page 6 of December 2008 issue of Villager newsletter.
  • Local riverbanks: A confluence of the homeless  Call it an economy-induced run on the riverbanks: More people find themselves pitching tents to survive the cold.  published November 29, 2008 The Columbus Dispatch
  • Future homeowners may pay to save Darby Creek                                  
    Officials weigh taxes, surcharge to fund plan to shield Big Darby.
    published November 29, 2008 The Columbus Dispatch
  • Wetland banking has fans, critics  Developers' boon called inferior by environmentalists.   published November 28, 2008 The Columbus Dispatch
  • South Euclid rips our concrete, creates wetland  to help with flooding   published Oct. 20, 2008 by Cleveland.com
  • 6 Foolish Ways to Go Green                                                                                                 published Jan. 11, 2008, MSN.com Money.
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Some of these products or publications were financed in part or totally through a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, under the provisions of Section 319 (h) of the Clean Water Act.  The contents and views, including any opinions, findings or conclusions or recommendations, contained in these publications are from those of the authors and have not been subject to any U.S. EPA or Ohio EPA peer or administrative review and may not necessarily reflect the views of either Agency, and no official endorsement should be inferred.


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